“O brave new world, that has such people in it.” The poignancy of this line is not lost on us as we reenter this (semi) post-pandemic world, and collectively come to understand our new normal. The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s Late Romances, is full of monsters and murder, spirits and storms. However, along with the hilarity of drunken sailors and plots against the crown, this play also tackles the relevant themes of rediscovery, reconnection, and wonder that we’re all experiencing at this very moment in time. Examining Miranda’s tempestuous introduction to humanity reflects our own experience coming together after the stormy year we’ve just had, and it’s part of the reason this play has garnered new meaning in 2021.

Unmasking, both figuratively and literally, during this process has been joyous and strange. We’re relearning what live theater looks like, and the transition from Zoom to stage has been both jarring, and refreshing. This group has worked so hard to bring this play to life, building sets out of milk crates and collecting costumes from the closets of our families. The Tempest has been a labor of love, infused with all the real-life magic we’d been missing from our computer screens.

We are so glad to have you here. While Penguin managed to deliver live performances from home, we sorely missed the laughter, energy, and community that could only be found when we could share a space together. Instead of YouTube chat rooms, we now can hear you, see you, and spray you with squirt guns. The Tempest is a play about reunion, so we’re so grateful to be reuniting with you for our return to live, in-person theater. Enjoy the show! 

– Anna Klein (Director) and Sadie Gingold (Assistant Director)



Miriam is so excited to be a part of this show. This is her first year in a Penguin show, but you may have heard or seen her in Ingraham’s radio production of Big Fish or in the filmed production of Bright Star. In her free time, she does anything art related you can think of. Hope you enjoy the show.


Elle (she/her) is so excited to be joining the cast of The Tempest! You may have seen her in Penguin’s production of She Kills Monsters as Steve. She’s had so much fun and learned a lot from delving into Shakespeare for the first time. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Hello! My name is Stellan Rude, I’m nineteen years old, and I have been acting for eleven years. I have played many iconic roles like Romeo and King Lear. What I love about theater (and why I’m involved) is I love all the wonderful people I have met through doing plays with Penguin Productions and Bathhouse Theater. You can hear my audio play The Light, played this August for Ground Zero Radio (an organization that’s part of the The Vera Project).


Hi I’m Miranda! (Ironically enough, I am not playing Miranda in this production of The Tempest.) I’ve been doing shows with Penguin for a while now both on and off Zoom. You may have seen me as Chuck in She Kills Monsters, Tybalt, Montague, and Balthazar in Romeo and Juliet, or Edmund in King Lear. I love acting, drawing, and playing video games. I’ve been acting for many years and the wonderful environment and the passion that goes into it is my favorite part. I also enjoy music and playing electric and double bass. A fun fact about me is that I’m shorter than Dora the Explorer, standing at a whopping 5’1. I’m 17 years old and I’ll be going into my senior year of high school and still haven’t gotten my growth spurt. Thank you for coming, enjoy the show!


Millie is 17 and a rising senior at Ballard High. She loves playing ultimate frisbee, making art and music, writing, and cooking. She’s always loved watching theater and only recently started acting herself. Romeo and Juliet this past fall was her first Penguin show, but she loved the experience and came back for more!


Emma Gunter is overjoyed to be performing as Adrian and a Spirit in The Tempest this summer. Emma is fourteen years old and has been acting for half her life. Some of her most favorite productions she has been in are Newsies and Peter Pan at Kitsap Forest Theatre and She Kills Monsters at Penguin Productions. When Emma is not acting she can be found reading a new book or playing basketball at the neighborhood hoop. Emma hopes you have a magical time watching this show.


Mari Sorensen returned to Seattle in 2019 after living for two years in London and one year in Mexico. While in London, Mari studied and performed musical theater through Chiswick Theatre Arts. They also had the opportunity to see many live shows in the West End, including Six, Hamilton, Wicked, Matilda, and The Lion King. They are a big Shakespeare fan and are hoping to be in more Shakespeare productions in the future. This is their first performance with Penguin Productions.


Disha Cattamanchi (she/her) is currently a junior at Juanita High School. She is a writer, with articles published both on the Teentix blog and in The Seattle Times. Disha was also a part of Seattle Repertory’s (Re)Imagine Theater Panel Series. She is an active member in her school’s theater program, well versed in the ways of the lighting board and writing various plays. This led her to co-found the Penguin Youth Playwrights Cohort, as a part of the Penguin Advisory Council. You can perform one of her plays in the Penguin Finding Trails Project! Disha is super excited for you all to see the Tempest, and is so proud of all the hard work that everyone put into the play. 


Harriet is 17 and a rising senior at Ballard High. She likes playing violin, reading, and baking. She loves theater for the community and the art and has acted in many Penguin shows, especially during the pandemic.


My name is Adrian, I’m 15, and I’m psyched to be playing Ferdinand! This is my second ever Shakespeare show and fourth show with Penguin. You may have seen She Kills Monsters, which I assistant directed, or me as Darcy in Pride and Prejudice last summer. Some fun facts about me are that, while not Italian royalty like my character, I do have family in the Sicilian mob. I am also a published writer.


Hello! My name is Sefira Bouzek. This is my first time performing with Penguin Productions. I’ve been interested in theater for a while, and have done some smaller plays, so getting a chance to do a bigger play has been awesome. I love seeing how other people act and how they interpret lines. I’m excited for the show and seeing everyone who comes!


Mara Campbell-Klein (she/her) has been doing youth theater for about 15 years, and this is her very last production. Mara is very grateful to everyone at Penguin and in the cast for making her last experience unforgettable. Mara has to say out of the two versions of The Tempest she has now done outside, this one is the best.


Ella Meulen



Anna Klein is a Theatre Artist born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and has spent the last year as the Associate Producing Artist at Penguin Productions. Anna graduated from the University of Redlands, where she completed a double major in English Literature and Theatre Arts, as well as a semester at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where she studied Classical Acting. Anna has worked as an actor, writer, director, and designer. You’ve seen her artistic work featured on many of the Penguin show graphics.
Even though Anna started her career as an actor (and still performs regularly), she has also written plays of her own, and directed productions like David Auburn’s Proof, and John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, as well as several productions with Penguin, including Romeo and Juliet and She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms. Anna is so excited to be returning to an in-person stage with these incredible young artists, and she hopes you enjoy the show as much as she did working on it (which was a lot).


Sadie Gingold has loved being a part of Penguin since 2018. Past Penguin Shows include: Romeo and Juliet (Juliet), King Lear (Regan), She Kills Monsters (Lily/Lilith), The Hamlet Project (Hamlet/Laertes/ensemble) and so many more fun workshops and classes! Outside of Penguin Productions, she was most recently seen as Meg in Shoreline Community College’s A Wrinkle in a time and composing the music for as well as playing Balthasar in Shattered Glass Project’s Much Ado About Nothing. She grew up in a family of actors so theater is quite literally her life. She has been in love with Shakespeare’s words her entire life and getting to help put them onstage is the most wonderful experience in the world. Love to Anna for being so supportive.


Annika is a theatre and teaching artist who was born and raised in Seattle! She graduated from with her BFA in Musical Theater from Temple University, where she was able to wear many hats both on stage and off. She’s recently worked with organizations like Philadelphia Young Playwrights, Foundry10, and Temple Theaters, and is excited to continue work with Penguin this Fall! She thinks these young artists are very cool. Enjoy the show! 


Sam is a self taught artist, who has been working on backdrop and set design for five years. They are interested in storytelling, and hope to go into experimental identity, personal narrative films from a writer or directors position. They are also new to the PNW!


Ella Meulen


Mari Sorensen


Millie Atack

Sadie Gingold


Shana (she/her) is a writer, educator, theater artist, and non-profit leader based in Seattle, WA. Shana facilitates creative adventures in community arts to fuel the future with a focus on youth development and leadership, gender equity, and environmental justice. She is also a Fulbright Specialist, working internationally at the intersections of theater, social justice, and community building.She was a member of the ArtEquity cohort of 2016-17 and of the Leadership Tomorrow Class of ’21, engaging with cross-sector leaders around regional issues through an equity lens. From 2001-2016 Shana served as Seattle Public Theater’s Artistic and Education Director.  She has directed over 200 productions with youth ensembles and overseen over 120 professional productions – several of which Annika and Anna were involved in as youth themselves! Gratitude for all who engage in and support the work, who strive together to increase our capacity to connect, reflect, and create in order to make a more curious and compassionate world. 


Paul Bestock (photographer)

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