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Hand to God

Directed by Kyle Gerstel

Hand to God is a critically acclaimed comedy that follows Jason, a Christian teenager, and his puppet that may or may not be possessed by the devil. The production will perform Sunday, June 4 at 6pm as part of Seattle Rep’s Youth Works Festival. Get tickets here! (note that tickets include a Sunday pass to the rest of the festival as well)


Directed by Valentine Wulf

For Macbeth, white picket fences and pastel lawns are the only things blocking out the horrific memories of the Second World War. He and his wife have found peace in their idyllic suburban mundanity. But, in a world where the American dream feels as close as the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation, the Macbeths begin to wonder how far they’re willing to go to make it to the top. As the Macbeths descend further into their shared delusion, war flashbacks and visions of the future blur together into a surreal nightmare trapped in the Technicolor confines of a 1950s sitcom. The production will perform July 14 and 15 at 7pm at UHeights.

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Come one, come all, come Everybody! This hilarious, provocative Pulitzer finalist creatively tackles morality and mortality. The characters? Friendship, Mind, Beauty, Love, and Death. The philosophical roller coaster gets even wilder with a lottery system in which actors play new characters at each performance. Join us at the gorgeous Luther Burbank Park Amphitheater for a summer production like no other.

July 5-7 12:30-4pm
July 10-13 5-9:30pm
July 17-20 3-9pm

July 21-22 7:30-9pm (call time: 6:30pm)

Bonfire retreats have supported young playwrights for four years, bringing over 30 new plays into the world. This summer, Penguin is keeping the fire going with a new program for four young playwrights to each work with a director and ensemble of actors to develop a short play, performing at three unique arts festivals at local outdoor venues: The Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival at Volunteer Park, Summer Celebration at the Luther Burbank Park Amphitheater, and Mostly Music in the Park at Mercerdale Park.

While processing an upsetting piece of information from his ex-wife and trying to break the news to his grandmother that it might be time for the nursing home, a bumbling businessman becomes convinced his microwave possesses supernatural abilities. At our Bonfire retreat in February, Valentine Wulf (writer of Welcome to the Landfill and director of this season’s Macbeth!) had audiences in stitches with an excerpt from her new play Plastic Roses. Now, Penguin teens can be a part of the script’s first full read-through, working at UHeights with Valentine and other actors on Saturday, July 29 from 1-5pm to develop the play for production!

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