The Plays

From the professionals, Summer 2021

In the middle of a hushed forest, a healer lies sick. He has healed his people, but cannot heal himself. A young woman tries to convince him to return. A passionate, heartbreaking elegy to finding a path forward out of  loss.

Frankie abruptly decides the hike is over, but Micky wants to take the trail to its conclusion. But is their argument really about hiking, or the importance of following through on commitment? Could it be about a deep-rooted fear?

A mother and her child explore the legend of the cursed Three Years Hill to learn the importance of both climbing AND falling in this fun, modern retelling of a Korean folktale.

Choreography that incites exploration of yourself and your surroundings, mixing small amounts of Hip-Hop, Afro, and W*acking

Note – “jeka lo sere” is Swahili for “let’s talk”

From our Youth Playwright Cohort, Summer 2021

A Traveller tired with life, has taken to the woods in order to find a being who knows the path to Saturn: a place of prosperity and wealth only accessible by birds. As the Traveller finds themself at a crossroads, he is faced with the problem that they may never reach Saturn after all.

A father and son on the trail of a familiar frontier – an argument at the ballpark. Is it worth cheering on a losing team? Are we killing the planet by coming to the ballpark in the first place? Can father and son find a trail forward together? 

On their path to recovery, The Character is trapped in a place of decision between going forward and continuing recovery, or following the mysterious Back-Fairy backwards to their old self-destructive ways, making their decision through a mix of poetry and music.

Playwright’s Note: The idea for this piece is that it adds an extra level of creativity for the team that works on it. The chord structures listed are a starting place for the music, and the way the lyrics fit within them is flexible. I encourage anyone who takes a crack at this piece to use multiple combinations of the offered chord structures, make up their own, or even do the piece without it if that feels right to them. Personalize it!

A monologue in verse about a boy who slips, falls, and is carried towards a new perspective on the forest (and mortality).

Playwright’s Note: Artists are encouraged to perform it as individuals, as a choral piece, as spoken word or set to music. Feel free to compose your own or set it to an existing tune, or use the provided guide by Sadie Gingold

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