Introducing the Penguin Advisory Council (PAC)!

Written by Linda Yan | March 11th, 2021

The Penguin Advisory Council (PAC) meets monthly to advance individual and collective goals for artistic development, activism and advocacy, and social connection and cohesion.

PAC members are on the front lines engaging in discussion and action to move Penguin towards being a more anti-racist organization. PAC members propose plays and workshop content, and are ambassadors and bridge-builders in our community.

We asked our new cohort, "What are you excited to explore with PAC?" Here are their answers.

Hello! My name is Breanna Sanchez. As a student leader, activist, and drama club member, this council combines the two things I love most. I would like to participate in the discussion of the relationship social justice and theatre share, as well as explore the different aspects of theatre. I’m excited to be given advice and meet different members, community leaders, and guest artists. I can’t wait to develop and explore the power behind my voice in advocacy. I am eager to be a part of the PAC family and grow with the aid of my mentors and peers. 

Having the opportunity to join the Penguin Advisory Council I am excited to explore topics that would make many people “uncomfortable” as well as discuss topics that we usually shy away from talking about during school. I am also excited to be surrounded by people who are both artistic and are passionate about activism like myself.

I’m looking forward to exploring different expressions of culture and new artistic perspectives with the PAC!

Penguin has given so much to me over the years, with PAC I hope I can give something back.

I’m excited to discuss what we the Penguin Advisory Council can do about our ever-changing world and to learn and understand more about activism.

And I am excited to explore how we can incorporate empathy and social justice principles into our arts leadership and the art that we create.

I’m excited to explore really anything with the PAC because it is an amazing opportunity. 

I am new to Seattle and PAC will be a great place to make friends, connect with something I’m passionate about, and change the world. I want to help other kids and teens love theater as much as I do. My dad is very passionate about social justice and he taught me the world isn’t fair and we have to fight to bring change. So I got passionate about social justice. I’m very passionate about stopping gun violence so we’re not afraid to go to school. I also want all communities to welcome the LGBTQ+ communities and to love them because we’re all humans. I’m excited to connect social justice and theater.

I’m excited to meet new people and explore connections between theater, social justice, and my own life experiences.

 I’m most excited to explore theatrical programming that is meaningful without being overtly message-heavy. I’m also excited to learn more about composing a well-rounded season for the theater.

I’m Cora Pearlstein (she/her), and I’m thrilled to be on the PAC! I’ve been working with Penguin for a few years now and I love it. I’m so excited to give back to such an awesome community. I’m looking forward to helping Penguin become a more equitable, inclusive space, helping the company grow, and helping other youth explore the modern world through the great art that Penguin creates.

Growing, up I didn’t see diverse theater. I saw a lot of white, thin, straight people onstage. But with PAC, I get to help show a new generation that anyone can be represented onstage. A big priority for me is showing that you can be in theater and not fit the narrow mold. I’m excited to be a part of making theater that is centered around including everyone and building everyone up so that anyone can be a part of the magic of theater. I want to be a part of a theater community that includes people of every race, size and physical ability, and being on the PAC, I will get to help make that possible.

With PAC, I’m excited to explore the different plays, especially within the themes of social justice! I feel that PAC will enable me to have a voice in the theater community, while discussing and having fun with the other members :D.

I am excited to get to know other PAC members and be in collaboration with inspiring local artists and leaders.

I’m excited to learn more about the local theatre community in Seattle. I’m also looking forward to connecting with other people my age who are really passionate about theatre. I can’t wait for discussions about theatre, social issues, and what we can do to make things better. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to develop as leaders as well!

I am very excited to explore diversity and inclusion with PAC. Giving people access to a voice is really important to me, and considering what PAC is all about, I would love to amplify youth voices however I can! The many workshops Penguin offers are also very interesting, and expanding on them and joining them would be a lot of fun.  Most of all, I am very excited to just be a part of the PAC Community and to create some awesome memories.

I’m beyond grateful to be in this amazing program that will enable me to meet people with the same and different interests as me. I’m mostly excited to get to know these different people who have various experiences and perspectives.

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