1. It’s a brand new adaptation! This version of Macbeth has never been done before. You get to be part of a new retelling of a classic piece of literature.
  2. But it’s the original Shakespearean dialogue! If you love Shakespeare, you get to say all the ‘thees’ and ‘thines’ and ‘thous’ and long-winded iambic pentameter spiels that your little heart desires.
  3. (Except for some of it.) Thane of Glamis is now Manager of Sales. Thane of Cawdor is now Chief of Marketing. England is Cleaveland. Ireland is Maryland. We’re in the U.S. of A, baby!
  4. It’s a musical! There’s singing! There’s swing dancing! There’s Bobby Darin and Eartha Kitt! There’s Mack the Knife!
  5. You get to wear ‘50s costumes! Zoot suits. Check. Polka dot house dresses. Check. Satin smoking jackets. Check.
  6. You get to learn ‘50s slang! Now ain’t that a kick in the head, daddy-o!
  7. There’s so much murder! Do you work for an inept buffoon who can’t manage a company to save his life? Have you ever wanted to stab him multiple times? Now you can project all of your problems with authority onto big boy Duncan and brutally murder him and/or stand idly by as he gets brutally murdered.
  8. There are three times more ghosts than your standard production! Banquo isn’t the only ghost that haunts Macbeth in this version. Now, he is tormented by not just Banquo, but every single one of his victims! And they’re all covered in blood. There’s going to be so much blood.
  9. You get to commit all the crimes you ever wanted to commit with none of the consequences! Murder! Larceny! Fraud! Embezzlement! Aggravated assault! 
  10. Penguin is a pretty darn tootin neato organization! By supporting this production, you’re also supporting a totally supermurgitroid youth theatre organization that helps get young artists’ work out there. It’s also one of the only youth theatre organizations in Seattle that is completely FREE to participate in for those in need. Accessible arts programs for teens—huzzah!


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