Sadie Gingold (Charlie Gingold 2021)

Dearest Partner of the Greatness: A Radio Play

Written by Sadie Gingold | June 18th, 2021

Dearest Partner of the Greatness is an original radio play developed as part of the Penguin Youth Playwright Cohort and will be released on Ground Zero Radio in July 2021. A modernized retelling of Macbeth from the perspective of a young Lady Macbeth exploring what drove the famous couple to madness. Changed from war, the “soldiers” are actresses fighting for roles in a society with no time or respect for them. This story explores the idea that Lady Macbeth may in fact be the hero of Macbeth.

Featured is a snippet of an hour-long show that playwright Gingold plans to produce next year. Follow Penguin on Instagram to stay up to date with the official release.

TW: this piece contains sexual assault, language, adult material and mature themes.

Men are the easiest thing to lie to. They’re all the same and you can inflate their ego with the flip of a switch. Tell them they’re strong, list the things they’re good at, tell them you love them too and they melt like putty in your hands.

Call me manipulative if you want but that’s the fucking system. You could be pretty and naive and get every guy around you on his knees. But you’d waste it. There’s nothing society loves more than a clueless woman. Because she won’t fucking challenge them, she’ll just sit there and look pretty on your arm and won’t ask for anything. Use it.

You can play any kind of woman you want so long as you don’t let them know it’s a lie. If you think for a second I would have gotten away with half the things I did being smart and loud you’re an idiot. They’ll never admit it but men love the women who bow. Not the ones who pay for dinner and open the fucking doors. And I knew that and I used it against them.

I loved men. I loved the way they looked at my body and my legs. I loved the things they gave me. I loved how simple they were. Like hungry puppies. They salivate everywhere and give me whatever I want. That’s the fun part of lying. Just make yourself the kind of woman they want under them. Make the tension. Make them want you so bad they’ll rip out their hair and tear out their hearts just to see you naked.

And maybe I’m a bad person.

Sadie Gingold was most recently seen as Meg in A Wrinkle in Time (Shoreline Community College) and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Penguin Productions). She’s been acting her whole life and has performed at 18th and Union, Bainbridge Performing Arts, Edmonds Driftwood Players, Seattle Public Theatre, and Kitsap Forest Theater. She loves reading Shakespeare plays, cuddling her cat, and spending time with her family. Upcoming projects: Assistant Directing the Tempest with Penguin Productions. She plans to study acting in college. You can follow her on Instagram at All production inquiries can be directed to

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